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Finding Inspiration in a Modern Medium

Digital storytelling - at its most basic - is bringing the craft of story telling to the realm of digital media. In this workshop we listen for the story that wants to be told, then using words, images and sounds, build a multi-layered digital object. Working in small groups, we get a chance to hear ourselves, share in each other's process, support and amplify the inner story waiting to be heard. 


This workshop is designed for anyone interested in:

exploring a story from their own life

participating in a creative group process

learning how to produce a simple, short video.

Over the course of six weeks, you will learn the skills and tools to support your self-expression in a digital medium and you will craft a two to four minute digital story from a 300-500 word narration script developed in class.


Using Zoom to gather virtually, we are able to come together from anywhere in the world.  Digital storytelling allows us to experience one of the oldest tools of human bonding. Every story is personal in time and place, but across the divide of our differences we get to connect with what is universal in each other, reminding us of our timeless and collective humanity.



An interactive 6 week course designed to introduce and fully immerse each participant in the Digital Storytelling process- 


Week 1: Introductions, Overview of Digital Storytelling: watch examples, learn about writing for process


Week 2: Meet in group to share story ideas and exploring next steps.  Learn about  writing for brevity (script versus essay) 


Week 3: Meet and share a rough draft with the group. Overview on recording narration and collecting visuals


Week 4: WeVideo Editing Software Tutorial


Week 5: Editing/Writing/Recording support


Week 6: Screening and celebration




  • Seven Steps of Digital Storytelling

  • Story Circle Group Process

  • Individual Writing Feedback and Support

  • Overview on Recording Voiceovers

  • How to approach a Visual Treatment

  • Editing Tutorials for WeVideo

  • Support for Editing

  • Group Sharing of Draft Stories


No experience needed, really. Just a computer with an up-to-date web browser (Chrome).


"Karine's digital storytelling class was a wonderful challenge for me to engage with creative, personal process in a new and dynamic way. Whether you're diving deep into a family story, or you're looking closely at your painting practice from a completely new vantage point—Karine is a patient and experienced guide on the path! Thank you Karine, for introducing me to digital storytelling and the power of combining images and words to further deepen my understanding of how process truly works."


 "Karine’s background in film-making and editing and intuitive painting 
gave the class a good backbone-supporting finding the most alive topic to work with
and the tech knowledge to finish the project. As a facilitator, I found Karine to be 
down-to-earth, knowledgeable, fun and accessible. Great class!" 


 "Because I said yes, I will try to make a video, not yet knowing I had a story to tell

about a certain smile that had lived in me unspoken for thirteen years, I was rewarded by its

unexpected power and beauty." 


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