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Come discover a way to paint where anything goes! Where you can’t make mistakes and you can’t fail. Why? Because we may put paint on paper, but we are not making paintings. Strange as it sounds, you won't learn skills or practice techniques because you don’t need them. You already have a lifetime of images that are clamoring to come out now, and you don't need to study and practice any more. 

When you approach a white sheet of paper without a plan you stand on the edge of a great mystery.  A journey ahead with an outcome unknown. It’s an invitation to be bold, get surprised, stay open to possibilities. Process painting is on a higher mission—call it self-expression, meditation, prayer, waking dreams, it has many names.  From this place paintings are the souvenirs
 from a interior voyage rather than objects crafted to admire. They show you who you are, and what you dream of. You don’t always like them, but you LOVE them, because painting what's authentic is what's beautiful.   


In a left brain driven world it can take some time to trust the right brain's methods. It's often when we take our biggest leaps that our inner critic gets loudest. That's why one of the few rules we have is no commenting in the studio.  Even positive feedback takes us out of ourselves. Like the difference between 'work' and 'in the flow': Work efforts to get to a desired result in the future while Flow feels effortless because satisfaction is being found in present action. Less work, more satisfaction!  Process Painting is about remembering to paint from exactly where you are.  I look forward to meeting you there!   ~Karine~

To learn more about Process Painting, consider watching these videos I made with some of the long time practitioners in the field. 

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